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Faith, Your Rocket Fuel for Success

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

There are times when we are low and become desperately for all the right answers. Even when we try to think straight, we are just completely overwhelmed by our troubles that we allow them to just fade us away from our normal thinking existence. We succumb to the woes of discouragement when we have nothing supporting us.

Life can be tough but keep the faith and your fortunes will turn.
When Life Is Going Wrong Keep the Faith

Even the best of us sometimes lose belief in ourselves. We need someone or something to bring us out of the dark, and point us in the right direction. When all else fails, we are held by one last ditch effort to preserve our sanity. This is where an idea we can't even see, or touch, or hear is needed, we call it faith – the invisible yet limitless life coach.

In the modern world, we are dependent on too many things in order to live peacefully and in harmony of ourselves and with others. According to Maslow, a theorist during the 2nd World War there are levels of motivation which drives a man or woman to be productive and positive in life.

Humans start with basic physiological needs like shelter and food, then seeks safety with socialization, love and belonging from within a social group, and lastly harmony within or self-esteem. Security from the positive outcome of the previous three items, then reaches the pinnacle of harmony in human thinking, which is self-actualization being able to integrate all the areas of needs into the self.

It is true that humans have a way to gather these needs and actually make it the basis for self-contentment. However, one major flaw in this is the possibility of not being able to acquire these needs, which results to a breakdown of the whole hierarchy and puts the person back in the shadows of gloom.

Though these needs are ever present for the individual to gather and integrate, the individual needs a binding base and a holding top layer. Whenever the hierarchical needs crumble, the person can still hold on to a thin but durable layer to work his/her way back up, and when he/she is able to reconstruct until self-actualization, he is able to hold it in place with the same layer.

This is where faith comes in. An unshakable belief in the unseen and believing that you will keep sanity in place is something more than self-actualization as it goes beyond normal human thinking and tangible comprehension.

Faith is the souls most plentiful type of fuel. Faith has willed more men to greatness then any material which can be possessed.

We have learned to rise above despair time and time again. Others may have failed and allowed themselves to be destroyed mentally in total or in parts. Yet as long as we are breathing, we have the capability to turn things around and hurl ourselves back into well-being.

Temporary defeat is not permanent failure. Defeat is temporary, unless you allow it to permanently define you. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

We are given a mind to think about the future, a

heart to keep us strong against pessimistic events, and a body to perform these necessary actions. The soul is the collective being of our mind, body, and heart and it can still exist with a lack of the other, and is seated firmly in the mind.

This entity which many of us do not see drives each one of us to not simply exist, but to be great. We do not see, hear, hold, or comprehend it, yet we know with certainty that it is there. We know that each of our souls need motivation.

Faith, among all else is that belief that we should promote when the material world fails us.

Faith is the food to our soul which should be used to keep our most basic existence in place, may it be with something, such as a deity, or any other unseen object.

It participates in our day to day living just like a life coach, only this time; it is invisible, yet stronger than any other life coach that we may encounter.

When you have faith, greatness is just around the corner.
Have Faith That You Will Do Great Things

Have faith in your mission. Have faith in your purpose. Have faith in your abilities.

Because faith is the fuel that will enable you to reach your highest sense of self.

With love,

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