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You have financial goals and my job is to help you get there.

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How To Prepare For A Mortgage (Step-By-Step Guide)

Buying a home is the largest purchase most people will make in a lifetime.

Before you submit a mortgage application, you'll want to first get your financial situation in order to be sure you are safe to apply and get approved for a mortgage.

Everything you need to know to get a mortgage!
How To Prepare For A Mortgage (Step-By-Step Guide)

The mortgage application process is full of potholes that can trip you up along your journey to buying a home. That's why it's important to know how to qualify for a mortgage and what you'll need to get approved for a home loan.

In this video, Dave Wallace, a licensed realtor in the State of South Carolina, will walk you step-by-step through how to prepare for a mortgage so that you get approved on your first mortgage application.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or buying your first home in a long time, you'll learn how to determine how much home you can afford, what documentation is required for a mortgage, and how to get your credit in good shape for a mortgage, how to improve your chances of being approved for a mortgage, and how much you should expect to spend for a down payment and closing costs.

Lastly, you'll get Dave's #1 Key Takeaway to save you from disaster in your mortgage application and home buying process.

By the end of the video, you'll be ready to prequalify for a mortgage.

Want to learn the entire process of buying a home?

View the step-by-step guide on here:

Have questions? Email the show!

Timestamps ⏰

0:00 Intro

0:27 Warning About Lenders

1:09 Step 1: Estimate How Much Home You Can Afford

3:25 Step 2: Get Ready To Verify Your Income & Employment

4:18 Step 3: Get Your Credit In Good Shape

5:45 Step 4: Work On Your Debt-To-Income (DTI)

7:43 Step 5: Save For Your Down Payment And Closing Costs

11:00 Key Takeaway



The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” - Mark Twain

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