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The American College Tuition Crisis

What if I told you that College Tuition has increased 7X faster than Inflation & Income since 1980?

In this video, I present the shocking truth about college tuition inflation, how tuition increases compare to real inflation and income growth dating back to 1980, and the failure of regulators to control price gouging that has been going on for decades in American Colleges & Universities.

I also cover the talk about the untold truth about the key players in creating the environment that lead up to the student loan crisis and college tuition price hikes, including:

  • Is college tuition inflation better or worse than real inflation and median income increases over the last several decades in America?

  • Should eligible college students take the Student Loan Bailout money?

  • Is it wise to bail out student loans yet offer NO solution to correct the spiraling trajectory of college tuition costs?

  • Should tax-exempt American colleges & universities be the target of the "pay your for share" in taxes rhetoric that comes from Washington, DC?

As a career Banker and Entrepreneur for the last 20 years, I present you with the untold facts to make your decision on the student loan bailout, offer some contrarian opinions on student loan forgiveness and college tuition inflation, give the secret to paying for college, and reflect on the lessons learned during The Great Recession and the Federal Bailout of American banks.

Students struggling to afford a college education before leaving school under the burden of student loan debt, and Americans offering up their hard-earned dollars to fund student loan forgiveness without solving the problem of rampant college tuition inflation isn't good enough for the average American.

I offer a couple of quick solutions to solve the issue of student loan debt and out-of-control college tuition prices, which seems highly relevant in the case of the $255 billion student loan forgiveness funded by American taxpayers.

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