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The Dave Wallace Show, is a caller-driven show that offers people a chance to ask money and real estate questions and get proven solutions to real-world money problems. 

The Dave Wallace Show


Have you faced a challenge financially or are you looking to improve your financial well-being? Watch the show to learn thought-provoking financial tips. We're looking for people like you to share your story and learn time-tested strategies that'll allow you to pay off debt, invest in your future, and create financial peace.



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Hi, I'm Dave.

We've all done dumb. And my dumb blew over a million dollars.


I started from nothing. By the age of 35, I had earned over $1 million dollars. I was living the dream. You see, between blowing my six-figure banking income and starting a tech company, I amassed a $500k mountain of debt. On a dark wintery day, it hit me...I would be broke in 30 days. From here, I panicked! Sold EVERYTHING. Heck, the dog thought he was next. Gone are - the business, the uptown bungalow, the sports car, and everything around to pay off my debt. That was rock bottom for me.


From that point, I stuck to the proven money principles I learned in 20+ years as an award-winning banker, licensed realtor, and successful entrepreneur. I took my medicine. Faced my demons. And I changed. The good news? You can too! You may be on the way there. Or you may already be there. No matter where you are with personal finance - my job is to help you improve. Subscribe for weekly tips that'll help you win with money.

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