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Hi, I'm Dave.

Financial Coach & Entrepreneur

I'm freakin' excited that you're here. My work (and this site) is about providing the insights, tools, and resources that'll help you win with money.

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Dave Wallace's Story


We've all done dumb. And my dumb nearly cost me everything.

I started from nothing. By the age of 35, I had earned over $1 million dollars. Now, you're probably thinking, that's a lot of money. Sure is. In fact, I needed a bigger bank account because mine had run completely out of money.


You see, between blowing my six-figure corporate "dream job" salary on "experiences" and starting a "tech company," I had built a magnificent house of cards on debt. I suddenly found my hard-earned 800+ credit score evaporating right in front of my eyes as the gravity of my bad spending habits caught up to me. Because like gravity, poor spending habits has a not-so-subtle way of bringing us back down to earth.

I was 24 hours away from running out of cash to meet my credit obligations. From here, I went full panic mode. I sold EVERYTHING, the business, the house, the car, the furniture, and anything else I could to ditch $100,000 in debt. That was rock bottom for me.


You may be on the way there. Or you may already be there. No matter where you are, you can improve.

I took my medicine. Faced my demons. And I changed. From that point on, I stuck to the proven principles I learned in 15+ years as a successful Banker. It was a hard, painful process. But it worked.


Like me, thousands of others have discovered financial peace using the proven plan. And the good news, you can too.

You don't need to get it perfect, you just need to get started!

My Story

The Long Story​


Dave Wallace is the Founder and former CEO of Totable Inc., a modern-day technology company, host of The Dave Wallace Show, and active CEO of Dave Wallace Co. When he's not hard at work as a Financial Coach, Dave teaches thought-provoking solutions for today and tomorrow's financial achievers. 

After being named "Most Likely to Succeed in Entrepreneurship," Dave graduated class of 2008 from the College of Charleston with a degree in Business Administration, a healthy dose of ambition, and nothing else. Dave got his start at the world's #2 Global Corporate Bank.


As a banker, Dave took an entry-level job and rose up the corporate ladder by taking on as much responsibility as his managers would give him. By 2013, Dave took over a team of 5 relationship advisers with oversight of a multi-million relationship with the world's largest retail company. In the following years, Dave continued to grow, leading multiple Corporate Banking teams and taking on responsibility for 150+ fortune 500 corporate clients. 

At this time in his career, Dave grew from Personal Banker at age 26 to Vice President, leading a team of 15 relationship managers in large corporate banking by his 30th birthday. It was around this pivotal time that Dave recognized that promotion after promotion came and went, yet somehow true fulfillment in his life was flat out missing.  


After 10 years in banking, Dave left a "corporate dream job" to chase his passion for entrepreneurship, launching Totable Inc., an innovative technology company connecting customers with on-demand moving and labor services, a business that was successfully acquired by investors in April, 2020. After splitting time as the active CEO of two successful startup companies, Dave is now the active CEO of David Wallace IP, LLC where he's on a mission to help the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

While pursuing a career as an entrepreneur has been filled with highs and lows (which you'll learn all about on this site), Dave now has the privilege to impact thousands of people every day as a financial coach, which is fulfilling beyond words. 

Early Life:

A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Dave has an unshakable passion for business which started at a very early age. As a 'normal' 5-year-old boy, Dave started his first business selling rocks off a nearby train track just down the street from his childhood home. Each rock went for $5 and because he handled all the physical labor himself (you know picking up rocks), he netted a fat 100% profit (sweet) on each rock. 

Next up was a mail delivery startup, however, this business was shut down after only a day - when a neighbor threatened to call the cops. As legend would have it, Dave would not release the customer's mail after attempting delivery since his customer wouldn't pay the delivery fee (yikes).

Dave's Mission:

During his 20-year journey as an award-winning Banker, licensed Realtor, and successful Entrepreneur, Dave has learned that both failure and success are a natural part of our journey and that knowledge is power. Dave's work (and this site) is about sharing proven tips, tools, and resources that'll help you find financial peace, so you can have the life that only you were born to have.

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