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How To Gain Confidence

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Gaining confidence is a matter of belief in yourself.
Confidence Is Impossible To Ignore

This article is about how to gain confidence and how to increase self-esteem. A friend of mine, let's call him "John," is a person who used to be a very negative thinker, he would always believe that he would fail in whichever task he was attempting to do. He would freely admit that he did not really like himself and seemed to be constantly down and depressed. He managed however, to turn his life around and will explain in the article how he managed to do this. I hope you find it enjoyable to read.

As John was growing up through childhood into adulthood he felt that he was rather unlucky. He had a speech impediment (a stutter/stammer), a bald patch on his head the size of a softball. He constantly struggled with his weight and he was considered short for a male at five foot four. He looked at other people in our community and especially my friends and felt very jealous of them. He would often think and ask himself why he had so many issues to deal with, while others seemingly did not.

The problems in life which he had, especially the speech impediment seriously dented his confidence and he became a bit of a loner. John felt uncomfortable mixing in groups and always believed that people were laughing behind his back and talking about him.

He had an inner voice which I call his "demons." They would be constantly talking to him,

Stopped limiting or negative beliefs is essential to life.
Trapped With Negative Thoughts Is No Place To Be

advising him to avoid situations and to avoid taking on tasks which they said were beyond his comfort zone. These thoughts even made him use words to describe himself as "stupid and worthless" at times.

He would listen to these demons and would basically do or not do as the case may be, whatever they told him to. He agreed with them, that he was not good enough or able to take on those certain tasks.

He often wondered what life would be like if only he could get these horrible gremlins out of his head. He was not happy with where his life was heading or how it had been in the past. He wanted to be successful, confident and free from these demons.

At the age of twenty-two he decided to wage a war on these demons, a war he was determined to win. He started to read many books on self-confidence, thinking positive and mind over matter. Progress was not exactly quick and it took him many months to start to make any headway. He needed to basically think more positive, to master his destiny.

The enemy to your sanity is small and powerless if you choose it.
Sometimes You Feel Small But You Are Truly Powerful

He learned that in life it's always fashionable and frankly enough to try your best to achieve goals, no matter how far fetched they may seem. Life is very short and can end at any point, therefore we need to make the most of it and live life to the fullest; not scared, which is what he had been doing. Stressing or worrying about a situation makes it harder not easier, therefore why do people do it?

These are all easy to say and write, however are extremely hard to implement. During the war,

Being ok with losing is part of the growth process.
Sometimes We Lose and That's Ok

there were many battles with these horrible demons, some of which he certainly lost. He kept on talking to the demons telling them that they may have won the battle but that they will not win the war.

He did eventually win the war after quite a long period of time. He has overcome the speech impediment, completed college and gone on to be successful in the corporate world.

The main lesson that we all can learn from John, is to do the opposite of what the demons tell you to. Consider limiting believes, negative thoughts, and self-defeating behaviors as the devil. Once you wage war on these demons your mind will cast them out.

Once cast out, you will have the confidence and belief to keep them out for good.

And with this confidence, you'll be bulletproof in your future conquests.

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With love,

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